Saturday, November 10, 2012

Jenna Mazey Wedding


Film by David Perry Films

On the day of the wedding Jenna had her hair done by Leslie Culbertson.

Jenna proved to be a colorful bride from her fun pajamas, her pre-wedding outfit, to the bridal crown of flowers she wore on her head.

Deep purple shadow, gold highlights, gold crayon pencil liner under eyes, peacock blue liner in tearline, black eyeliner. Usually I don't use black eyeliner on blondes, but since her natural brow color is just as dark as mine, I think she pulls black off really well.

Another view of shadow placement.

Cute mama cleaning and making snacks.

I met up with Jenna at her reception site for touch ups.

Her sister bringing in the flowers.

Their wedding theme was so sweet. Here is the signing table.

Rusty and Jenna, the beautiful couple! Congratulations!!!